About the Law Firm

We provide interdisciplinary legal services for Polish and foreign entrepreneurs. Our practical knowledge of the regulations across different legal areas, such as interactions between civil law and tax law, guarantee a reliable customer service. We have nearly 10 years of experience in building client enterprises which is why we are able to significantly reduce the time and costs of our work. Our top priority is a proper balance of business and legal interests. This is the only approach that allows supporting our clients’ business enterprises and their effective execution. We cooperate with a network of trusted partners specializing in providing services for Polish and foreign entrepreneurs. Thus, our clients receive comprehensive solutions that considerably reduce the use of their own resources.

Our Law Firm was established by legal advisor Michał Grabarz, who graduated in 2011 from the Faculty of Law and Administration of the Jagiellonian University in Krakow. During his studies he participated in a variety of workshops within civil law, and also as a speaker. For many years he has been providing comprehensive and interdisciplinary services for entrepreneurs. He specializes in legal services for entrepreneurs in the Internet sector, particularly in start-ups. Alongside these, he has experience in handling criminal proceedings with the participation of entrepreneurs.

From 2009-2012 he was a member of the legal team at the Department of Commercial and Economic Law at Kancelaria Prawna Traple Konarski Podrecki i Wspólnicy sp. j. in Krakow. Then from 2012 to 2014 he worked as an in-house lawyer at the Warsaw brokerage house Noble Securities S.A., a member of one of the most powerful capital groups in the financial market. Between 2015-2018 he held the position of Board advisor in legal issues and Director of the legal department at the international capital group, dealing with the sale of products and services in the Health & Beauty sector. In addition, from 2016 to 2018 he was a partner in a law firm in Krakow.


Commercial Law and Economic Consulting
Corporate Services
Contract Law
E-commerce Law

Our Law Firm provides comprehensive consulting services in selecting the most optimal form of running a business activity, and in the process of developing organizational structures, with special regard to consulting and support for start-ups.

Ongoing preparation of any corporate documents (resolutions, statements and protocols of company bodies), as well as registration of entities and changes in the respective registries are our everyday reality.

We support our clients in preparing and giving opinions on contracts with their counterparties, as well as in negotiating contracts and entire business enterprises.

We have extensive experience in legal aspects around developing online stores and websites, along the requirements of consumer law and advertising law related to information presented to clients.

Tax Law
Investment Risk Analysis
Foreign Companies
Intellectual Property Rights

Our Law Firm offers tax consulting connected with increasing the tax effectiveness of client business activities and transactions, along with related international activities and solutions.

Do you hesitate about investing your funds in a given enterprise? Do not take only the agent’s or advisor’s word for it. Our Law Firm provides the services associated with checking the credibility of entities offering investments, as well as with assessing risks of a given investment. 


We handle the registration of companies and development of international structures in foreign jurisdictions. We also provide consulting services on the selection of appropriate forms for running a foreign business activity.



Our Law Firm provides services with drawing up licensing agreements, transferring rights for works and trademarks, as well as registering community trademarks. As well, we represent clients in disputes concerning works, trademarks, and aspects associated with unfair competition law.

Food Law
Issuance of Bonds and Collateral Administrator Services
Data Protection Inspector
Legal Aspects of Employment

We offer services and counselling with the registration of food plants, labelling food products and submitting notifications regarding placing foodstuffs on the market.

Issuance of bonds is one form of gaining funds. Therefore our Law Firm prepares bond issuances, including issuance documents, and provides collateral administrator services.

We provide services as personal data protection inspectors for entities that in compliance with GDPR should appoint such a person in their organization, where the needs of a given organization do not require a separate job position in this respect.

We advise our clients on the selection of effective forms of employment for their organizations. We also ensure comprehensive services regarding drawing up contracts and preparing other documents related to employment processes.

Legal Services in Administrative Procedures
Criminal Economic Law and Criminal Fiscal Law
Immigration Law
Legal Services in Audit Procedures

We represent clients in any procedures connected with irregularities in construction processes, both before public administration bodies and administrative courts.

In some cases running a business activity is associated with possible criminal proceedings against entrepreneurs, which is why our Law Firm provides services related to defence and representation in such proceedings, with particular focus on the preparation of an effective line of defence.

Our many years of experience in providing services to foreign entities have made us specialists in processing permits for staff to stay and work in Poland.

Our Law Firm services include representing clients during audits of premium payers conducted by ZUS (Social Insurance Institution) and State Sanitary Inspection. We also support clients in getting ready for such audits to reduce any possible negative consequences to a minimum.


MG – Kancelaria Prawna Michał Grabarz

You can visit us at our offices in the centres of two Polish cities

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ul. Tuwima 12, 42-450 Łazy

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